Poetry/Rap Slam LIVE!

Come share your work with our #FLHSWriting Community by participating in our poetry slam! Perform a personal piece of work or recite a piece that is near to your heart. Feel free to just come and watch your friends, as we come together through spoken word.

Deadline for performers to sign up and submit the material they intend to perform: Wed April 15th @ 4pm.

Please fill out the Google form if you want to present:

Ranting and Raving: Expressing Frustration through Monologue
come learn how to write comedic "rants"about their current circumstances and have the opportunity to perform their original pieces.

Music as a Message of Hope

Come study the messages of hope as conveyed through the works and words of the famous of Lin Manuel Miranda!

Blackout Poetry

Join us creating in digital poetry using someone else's words.  

ENL: Film Analysis - The Lion King II 

Students will have the opportunity to watch parts of the film and analyze the poetry in the songs. They will be able to have meaningful discussions about topics such as, The Circle of Life, betrayal, family, and legacy. These discussions will inspire students to participate as film critics by writing a review on Google Classroom. 

Book Spine/Title Poetry

Come create and share original poems with titles that are accessible from your home. Have your home library at the ready!

Poetry Out Loud

You be the Judge! Join us to learn how to be a judge of student poetry readings! You may use what you learn in this activity to help you participate in the FLHS Poetry/Rap Slam.

"In My Feelings" Playlist Challenge

If you accept this challenge, you will create a 5 song playlist that depicts their emotions during this challenging time. Present your playlist to your friends in our Zoom Session! Extra points if you make a Tik Tok dance to go with your playlist. 

Poetry as Protest

Come and read poems of protest, discuss matters of inequity that concern you today! You can read something already created or craft an original poem to share your message.

Literary Character Poetry

Come and create a poem written in the first person based on your favorite literary character.

We have templates, models, and video links. Visit our virtual "gallery" to post your Literary Character Poetry. Your poems will be written in the first person perspective and can be in free or rhymed verse. Any literary character from your favorite book, play, or short story is acceptable. Now is your chance to share your creative ideas about this character‘s unique poetic voice!  

From Shakespeare to Hip Hop: Sonnet Creations. 

Come understand how Shakespearean Sonnets and their rules have contributed to Modern Day Hip Hop. You will read, compare, and analyze sonnets/songs to understand the rules of this poetic form. You will then create your own sonnets, with assistance, based upon their experiences during quarantine. Finally, you will have the option to recite/rap their creations for the group.

Journalism Roundtable

U.S. Rep. Grace Meng and NY 1 Reporter Jillian Jorgensen will join us for a discussion and questioning about the life of someone in the public eye, and those who report on it.

Taste of Poetry with Celebrities!

Why do people read poetry? Come to our Zoom session to find out! You will be listening to various poems read by celebrities and explore reasons why poetry is deeply rooted in our lives. Each poem will inspire you to think and reflect on yourself and the world around you. You will immerse yourself in thought provoking topics and realize the important things that you keep close in your heart; the things that matter.

The Language of Nonsense: Jabberwocky

Join us and be introduced to the nonsensical world of Lewis Carroll. 

Listen to a reading of Jabberwocky and discover the 

magic and beauty of nonsense. 

These words, and others that you create, will be put to good use when Writing your own Nonsense Poetry!


Do like pop music? Rock music? Come and create your own songs inspired by some of your favorite artists! You can even perform your songs, for our own Battle of the Bands. 

Mythology in the world of Harry Potter

Ever wonder how JK Rowling was inspired to create the many creatures and characters of the magical world?  Join this session to learn the mythical origins of many of Rowlings' characters and beasts.

Expression through movement
ome learn a dance routine to music from the hit Broadway show, Waitress!


Body Building to Broadway Beats

Using everyday items to work out! Even if you don’t have access to a gym or traditional exercise equipment, that shouldn’t stop you from getting your sweat on. As long as you have a few common household items on hand, you can piece together a full-body routine to match practically any gym-based workout. Best part? We will be working out to Broadway tunes! 

Broadway Musical Trivia Kahoot

Play kahoot and name the famous modern musical. 

Urban Word Jeopardy

Students will have to define an urban word or determine the definition of popular urban words.

eg. "No Cap"

Crafting Fun! 

Crafting is a wonderfully calming, therapeutic hobby. Start exploring the creative side of your personality by learning how to use some simple art supplies to make your own stylish, unique bookmark. You will need: plain paper, scissors, ruler,  glue, markers/crayons/Sharpies/etc., string (optional), and crafting beads (optional). 

Storytelling and Photography

Learn how to tell a story through photos! 


Students will learn different composition rules in photojournalism to help them improve the quality of their photographs.  They will also learn how to avoid composition errors when taking a photograph.  Students will practice each composition rule during the lesson and upload their photographs for feedback.